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  • A review of Echoes
    by 77kart on 05/20/2011
    Part 1: Running Notes p6. Iím on the borderline of being confused. Thus far, youíve introduced several characters - Chris, Edie, Lars, dream figures - and several subplots - the dream, the dead cats, etc. - but theyíre a hodgepodge. Have you introduced your characters correctly, so that we know them and their key traits? Examples, LA Confidential, The African Queen, Sideways... read
  • A review of Diamond Dash
    by 77kart on 05/17/2011
    Part 1: Running Notes p18. A lot of your dialog is totn. I withheld judgement - whether thatís bad or acceptable for your specific niche genre - until this point but, as of p18, itís way totn. p18. You have too many characters. Consider consolidating. Or, introducing them so each person/couple is distinct. Example: LA Confidential. p18 & 19. Way too much dialog... read
  • A review of The Lightshockers
    by 77kart on 10/09/2010
    For a first draft, this is a good effort. However, Iím amazed that itís TSís SOM and equally amazed that itís a Nicolls 10%er. Itís just too flawed for that level. That said, no reason why future drafts canít fix said flaws. For example: 1. You never clearly establish the boundaries of your scifi universe. OK, Gloria invents a drug that enhances visual memories and MAY... read
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  • jovan.jevtic on 07/02/2011

    Thanks for the review of Bad blood. I found it constructive.
  • me_metoo72 on 07/20/2010

    Thanks for taking the time to review Chrisses. Very detailed notes, Good luck on winning ROM.
  • MSchmidt13 on 06/11/2010

    Thanks for the "Blood" review!


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