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  • by Alex Radnitz on 11/16/2011
    Well firstly your name, I don't think it sets a good example to the kids and your use of pictures for your presentation was lacking in composition. haha... Seriously thank you for putting this together, not only have you inspired me through the professional network you have created but you have also helped me to develop a constructively critical eye towards the work that is... read
  • A review of God's Acre
    by Alex Radnitz on 11/11/2011
    Nicely done. I like the treatment used of high contrast lighting. The composition of the shots were good and the pace of the editing was also good. The father was a decent actor. I didn't like the fact that the tone felt very flat, there was no real contrast in the performance, when the father finds out that he's being judged by his sons it didn't take a different direction... read
  • A review of Guernica
    by Alex Radnitz on 11/11/2011
    This is a music video. I like the music and it is very professionally made. Really good editing and all round it was nice to watch. I didn't really get what you were trying to communicate about the characters other then this story was about love. But generally this was a good piece, nice.
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  • Tombola Pictures on 01/19/2012

    Thanks for the review of You Deplete Me. It's true, this was the first short I edited (and filmed) after nearly a 2 year break from Graduating from University, so I was rusty in this respect. Although one thing I must point out - and no seems to get this about You Deplete Me - is that this short is not about a letter to an ex, following a break up. The twist is that the protagonist is an alcoholic, shown by the sudden reveal of empty bottles towards the end, and is warring with his own addiction, being at a crossroads as to whether to sink further or break from the addiction. At the time I thought the sudden introduction of empty bottles and the way the actor actually addresses them was clear, oh well! I thought originally that people perhaps were being kind and not revealing the twist in their reviews but, perhaps I was wrong.

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