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  • A review of Annotated Edition
    by Jonnyjames on 04/12/2012
    Not really my sense of humour. But I did find it an interesting enough read. Was structured well and continued to flow nicely. The lead character wasn't really edgy enough. It was boarding cliche of a writer for me personally. But it was a massive undertaking to write a story about a writer. Maybe strange traits that are uncommon to writers might help. Not so sure really. Thanks... read
  • A review of Tattoo Nightmares I
    by Jonnyjames on 04/12/2012
    I really enjoyed this short film about covering old tattoos, subsequently I have booked for myself to have a cover done. I really enjoys the high speed montage. A little bit of a strange bringing have monk lip syncing on camera but the audio is vo. Strange but I did really enjoy the watch. At one point the music became too much and I had to turn it down and then turn it back... read
  • by Jonnyjames on 10/04/2011
    Firstly I really enjoyed the story although, I must admit I did find it, a pretty difficult read. Some of the action paragraphs weren't necessarily focused on the "visual" aspects of the story. I felt I was reading a first draft and I really don't think anyone should be reading this draft. Alot more research should have gone into the characters, especially your protagonist.... read

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