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I am 41, and live in Eugene, OR....


I am 41, and live in Eugene, OR.

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  • A review of Lucidity
    by Unknownwriter9 on 12/26/2011
    I was assigned your screen play "Lucidity." I liked it as an overall work. I have a suggestion, that you go with the spiritual medicine, and spiritual journey, with the twist of the dark ages thrown in due to the tourtue he's put himself through. You never finished with the "Computer Program," scenerio so to change it would be easy, some of your dialogue is simplistic, (I just... read
  • A review of The Ferry
    by Unknownwriter9 on 12/18/2011
    The Ferry,a nightmare I hope I neve have. I loved the twist ending, of how the whole day was just a last memory. It reminded me of a story I seen on film of a civil war P.O.W. being hanged, and it was a last thought kind of story. It was very well done, and had now misspelled words that I found, the format was good, and as I mentioned the conecept was great. I enjoyed this... read
  • A review of Croatoa
    by Unknownwriter9 on 12/15/2011
    Croatoa, was an excellent concept for a screenplay. I had no problem reading or beliving the characters dialogue in this historical drama. I did have one concern: Towards the end, why is the native boy taken? what happens to him, it's really left open. AND how did the Governor get such detailed info, sleeping arrangements, father's fishing schedule, mother's schedule... read
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  • bonafides on 01/03/2012

    Hey Unknown, Been offline for a week or so. I'm trying to remember my thoughts on Eros now. I think it has a lot of potential but I felt it was slow out of the gate, with all the introductions and the meeting with the friends. I think you can cut most of that. What do you think about opening with some of the passengers on board the yacht already? He's greets one or two people and perhaps those one or two intro themselves to another passenger nearby but not everyone. We can assume the intro's have been done when we come in on their interaction later in the journey.

    Also want to say that I like the fact that it is a yachting trip on the Med. A lot of potential for great visuals there. It offers an escapist appeal to the story, for me at least.
  • teejae220 on 01/01/2012

    Thanks for reviewing the Ferry. Sorry for the slow response. I was out a lot over the holidays. Look forward to reading your work.
  • SteveJamesWriter on 12/28/2011

    Unknown, my apologies, I accidentally hit the submit the test button twice without changing anything. I was kinda debating some questions, was Apollo really "completely nude" when he lifted up his "skirt." Sometimes I over analyze! That kind of thing, but my BAD, as I did not get any credit. I hope you like the review anyway.
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