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  • A review of Turn Of The Hand
    by adamnagy7 on 11/27/2005
    nice opening shot. I would've preferred a POV angle from the male victim in relation to the woman who shot him. reminded me of memento but as in that film you relied on gimmicks to disguise the fact that this story, if told in a more linear fashion, would've been much ado about nothing. give me characters I care about and an interesting story and don't settle for stylistics... read
  • A review of Living With It
    by adamnagy7 on 11/27/2005
    Funny and ironic as it was, not much of a commentary on race relations. I know it was to be taken with a grain of salt, but I think a subject such as this needs more than just a ham handed message of the need for color blindness. Make this longer and develop your characters. Who are they? Where are they from? What's in their past? No need to get preachy. Keep the comedy... read
  • by adamnagy7 on 11/27/2005
    Your characters were fresh and vibrant and most importantly real. I refuse to use the word quirky to describe the idea but it fits here. I liked the fact that there was no beating around the bush when it came to telling your story. You had me hooked early and intrigued enough to read all the way thru in one shot. The comedic aspects were not as outlandish as I thought they'd... read
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