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Student who enjoys reading screenplays and hopes to finish his first very soon....


Student who enjoys reading screenplays and hopes to finish his first very soon.

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  • A review of Extra Ordinary
    by a_hole48 on 04/10/2004
    The many story-lines are unique, interesting, intricately woven and obviously very well thought out. The structure and transitions were well done as I never got lost throughout your chaotic plot. The dialogue is solid: realistic, terse and distitinctive between each character. You could use a few witty one-liners but that's a minor qualm. As for the characters, they were all... read
  • by a_hole48 on 03/31/2004
    I just didn't care. Your plot is well thought out and executed, as well as your thematic elements and plot twists but, frankly, I didn't care about Jason nor Angelica, nor anyone else. Maybe it's just me, but the first scenes with Jason gave me the impression that he's huge jerk: a stubborn loose cannon fueled by emotion and little logic or reason. I guess that first impression... read
  • A review of ATTITUDE
    by a_hole48 on 03/24/2004
    First of all, I loved the scenes with Dave, Molly, and his family. I thought some parts were pretty funny and you managed to establish a lot of the characters (as well as the story's problem) through those scene. That said, I'm sure the rest of your script could have been a lot better. The major problem I found is that, after the lightning strike, things got way too out of... read
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