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Do I REALLY resemble Matt Cordell, the infamous, "Maniac Cop"? No....


Do I REALLY resemble Matt Cordell, the infamous, "Maniac Cop"? No.

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  • by Al80 on 07/31/2011
    This was way better than decent. Although the acting was hammy as hell, and the camerawork was a bit sloppy - there was no need to ever cut away from the close-up of the speaker unitů just sayin - there were more than enough great gags in this to be getting along with. The whole conceit was strong enough in itself, and whilst the easy targets were fine ("You're screwed") the... read
  • A review of 888 Subtitles
    by Al80 on 07/31/2011
    Yeah, I made SHITE like this when I was a kid.... but I never had the gall to post it on here. It's a pointless exercise even trying to critique it, as it is clearly aimed at a very small band of people, and I ain't one of them. I liked the surreal bits - mainly the bits that centred on the wazzock on the sofa - but this was such a waste of everyone's time that words fail me... read
  • A review of Nicks
    by Al80 on 07/31/2011
    It's exceptionally difficult to convey the mad love that I have for this piece... but then, so it goes with almost all of Elmer's deeply idiosyncratic output. All I can really say is this: if I were to suddenly become the next big Hollywood flavour, I would bust heads, cut costs, call in favours and chow down on flaming hot coals, in order to craft a healthily-budgeted bromance... read
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  • AndrewAlderete on 03/05/2012

    Do you have embed code for 'Daddy's Sauce'? If you have embed code from YouTube or Vimeo, please send it to me so I can update your submission as to not lose your reviews, etc.
  • moviecre8r on 09/17/2007

    would love to hear what you think of my latest short 'the hurling stick'...

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