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  • A review of I, Sylvia
    by amandamfarmer on 12/29/2011
    Hi, Donna - I enjoyed reading "I, Sylvia" (I read the updated December version, even though I was assigned the version you submitted 11/13). I've narrowed down my thoughts to a few initial impressions from my layman's perspective - I hope it will be constructive and helpful! So many beautiful things about this script. Initial notes I took while reading: -The flashback to... read
  • A review of Cereal Killer
    by amandamfarmer on 09/19/2011
    You know...after seeing the film "Rubber," which is about a murderous rubber tire who uses telekinesis to explode people's heads, I can get behind this whole inanimate killer genre. :) As far as improvements: The only part that felt unnecessary was the clip where the box didn't get chosen for baseball. I think the joke might be tighter without that -- although it's an inanimate,... read
  • A review of Can't See Me
    by amandamfarmer on 08/18/2011
    "There are some choices we make and there are some choices we think we make." Without that tagline, I would have understood that the film was about choices, but I wouldn't have quite understood what it was trying to say. I love the concept of people being tied to their choices -- their routines, their vices, their partners, the stuff of life. I think the frayed rope connected... read
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  • doonae on 08/19/2011

    Hey Amanda - yeah, it was Gin she was drinking :) With regards to the dialogue, not overly important, but still some info in there. Was it the sound quality or the central belt Scottish accent you had trouble with? Cheers, Chris.
  • Gary Mark Lee on 08/18/2011

    I have to say that it’s very refreshing to get a review from a woman, and it’s a big help in knowing if your script is reaching the right people because over half of your audience is female, so thank you for taking the time to read “IRONMAIDEN”.

    You made some very good points about the story, your right about Ann making a rather quick decision about becoming a witch, I think that need to put more into that, you also have a very good idea about the beginning and bringing in “evil” faster. I saw that this was your first review, you did a good job, I hope I can see more input from you on my other upcoming scripts.

    Thanks again, and all the best to you.
  • love45 on 08/12/2011

    Comment deleted by amandamfarmer

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