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I am a graduate of the University of Michigan's screenwriting program....


I am a graduate of the University of Michigan's screenwriting program.

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  • A review of Czechmate (Rev 2)
    by andrewkula on 11/26/2007
    David & Bob, I had a lot of fun reading Czechmate. The title is clever, there are a lot of visual gags and solid jokes ("Beverly Hills Ninety Thousand Two Hundred Ten"), and the story moves along nicely. From the start, both Bob and Jody were easy to relate to and easy to like even though they have clear problems and flaws. Plus, we get a good sense of what each of them... read
  • A review of OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD
    by andrewkula on 11/12/2007
    Sam, Your story has some very nice, poignant moments. I think Grandpa describing the origins of his wood slab and the old lady videotaping a message to her husband both conveyed genuine emotion. The dialogue between James and Hakeen was witty but age-appropriate. James's character development was subtle but effective from the opening scene to his classroom presentation,... read
  • by andrewkula on 10/17/2007
    Bob, I think you've done a nice job of finding a unique angle for this Spanish Civil War story. You've got some strong action scenes - the bridge fight sequence and the church ambush are both really visual and engaging. I think Michael is a compelling, sympathetic character, and Sofia has a great complexity since both of her dual-lives require such drastically different... read
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    Would you please hit the "contact me" button on my page and send me an e-mail so I can have yours? I'll be sending out reminders as the day draws nearer.
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    Hey Andrew. I didn't hear back from you last year. Hope you're doing alright. Wanted to let you know about this again:

    Let me know if you can make it, man.
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