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NOTE: I'm never in the habit of reading a synopsis or other promotional material before watching a film because I like the movie to stand on its own. About me: Years in post production and a huge love for independent and foreign...


NOTE: I'm never in the habit of reading a synopsis or other promotional material before watching a film because I like the movie to stand on its own.

About me: Years in post production and a huge love for independent and foreign films. Currently an editor for a major motion picture studio. I always cry at weddings.

People generally describe me as really enthusiasic and optimistic.

I have two kids and an amazing wife who thrills me to the core.

Los Angeles is my home and surfing is passion.

I review dozens of films on TriggerStreet and have gotten a bit jaded by having to sit through films of someone's cat or someone's self-indulgent film that shows a man staring at his hat. I swear, if I have to sit through one more "thug" movie that is uninspired, I think I might have to puke. Enough with the gun thugs already.

That said, 85-90 percent of the films I review get bad marks from me. That's because 85 -90 percent of anything is mediocre or bad. That's why when someone gets and A in school, they are in the top 10 percent of the class. But there is nothing like coming across a great film on Triggerstreet. I watch every film to the very end because I never know when a real gem is going to sneak up on me.

It's great to see people taking risks in their self-expression and I'm glad Trigger Street is providing this great outlet!

On a self-promotion note:

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  • by arthouse on 02/07/2011
    This film looked fantastic. I loved the art direction and cinematography. The image was very stark and graphic and the casting was excellent. The problem, for me, was that I had no idea what this movie meant or why I should care about the character. Obviously, it depicted some state of aftermath of tragedy, but it seemed like this was the final scene in a full length movie... read
  • A review of Brown Rice
    by arthouse on 02/07/2011
    Elmer Lang is the most prolific filmmaker I have ever come across. The problem is, this "film" seemed like it was cranked out just a little too fast. The story didn't really grab me either emotionally or humorously and I really didn't feel much of a connection anything going on. I did like the random nature of the girl talking Chinese. It was kind of a quirky little tidbit... read
  • A review of HUNGER
    by arthouse on 12/15/2010
    This movie had its heart in the right place. A guy is going to go to Africa for some reason (his motivation wasn't super clear to me) and then he decides to stay home and hand out a few sandwiches. That is a nice gesture. I like the idea that he is going to help out his own neighbors instead of trying to find new ones to help. The problem is, we never got to see anything... read
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  • arthouse on 10/04/2010

    What the... Wow!!! That is so funny that you wrote this! No need to apologize at all. Thanks for saying that, but it's totally fine. A good film is really hard to make because everything has to come together: story, production, acting, music. So every filmmaker hopefully sees the weakness in his last project and hopefully moves on and corrects things in the next one.

    I must say, you get things right a lot more than most people. I have loved being on your email list and seeing all your prolific filmmaking. In a lot of ways, you are like me in that we both walk the walk and really make films. So many people just bullshit about making films. You and me do it all the time. I haven't posted to TS in a while because I'm working on a bigger short (15 mins) that I am super psyched about. But I'll let you know when it is available somewhere. I've been shooting it off and on for a year and a half and we just wrapped principal photography. We shot it in the canon 7d. Coolest camera ever!

    The thing I like most about your films is your commitment to stories about people and relationships. Keep up the GREAT work.

    Speaking of relationships, I also host a popular iTunes podcast about relationships and sex. perhaps you would like to be a guest one time via remote?

    Care to be friends on facebook. Maybe you could try to friend me: Kirk Demorest. Your name seems to be too standard to find.

    Very kind of you to write me. I love your work! Cheers,


  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 10/04/2010

    I've just been watching your films back - I really love them. But looking back at my old reviews, I was so critical --- so I want to apologise, you're a great filmmaker! I've grown to really like your stuff :D

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