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  • A review of Personals
    by atdepth on 02/03/2010
    I liked it! It wasn't a serious film full of art and deep meaning (except maybe the rocky road reference ;-). It was very amusing and had very good production values. It was interesting to see the difference between film and direct to digital recording. Don't know if some picture quality was lost in translation or what. I liked the dialog and the fact you made a humorous... read
  • A review of Commandeered
    by atdepth on 02/03/2010
    I liked the photography and the editing, very good, very well done. I did find the story predictable, the guy being just on time for the interview albeit at the wrong office and the last shot of the commandeered car being stolen. Perhaps if you had not had the shot of the car sitting empty on the side street it would not have been so expected.
  • A review of A Black & White World
    by atdepth on 02/03/2010
    This was an excellent demonstration of you skill as a film maker, which after all is what Triggerstreet is all about. Those who stated the film was a bit too long are focused on the story and not the fact you are showcasing skills and talents and thus needed to do so while staying true to the theme. I am very interested in how how you mixed the color and B&W components.... read
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  • ctyler85 on 01/30/2010

    Thank you much for the review of 'The Thing I Regret.'

    The first time I uploaded it, the the music was almost unbearable. The second time, it wasn't there. After the third upload I just accepted it as a processing error and left it alone.

    Thanks again, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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