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  • A review of The Iboga Visions
    by BeanTown on 11/15/2011
    Oh Great, Another Illicit Drug I Can't Get. All kidding aside, I very much like this script. I wanted to love it, but it fell just a bit short in a few areas in my opinion. First: The synopsis - You say " when his addiction is discovered he escapes to Scotland." Yet we never see that happening. He just arrives on a plane. I'd just cut that. His arrival is fine and his addiction... read
  • A review of AbracaDebra
    by BeanTown on 11/09/2011
    I hate to say this, but this was a very tough read, on many levels and perhaps a tougher review to write. I know that's not what one wants to hear but sometimes it's what one needs to hear. I think you've tried to take your book and turn it into a script without getting a good grasp on things like format, action, description and dialogue. A novel and a screenplay are two very... read
  • by BeanTown on 09/16/2011
    Probably the strangest script I've ever read. I doubt I'm your target audience. But I read it through and should therefore give my honest opinion. I've read your production notes and I'll try and address the issues you requested, but you ask for a lot and it's up to you as the writer to work through those problems. Concept - Intriguing to say the least, however you don't... read
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  • DebraSwan on 05/16/2012

    Where ya been - Bean?
  • Corlis Benefideo on 01/21/2012

    Hi BeanTown, just writing to say thank you for posting your kind comment on my profile. It really means a lot to me and my co-writer that you remembered our script after all this time! To answer your question, there's been a lot of movement with the script since the end of last year, but I don't wanna say anything in case I jinx it. Hope you understand, and watch this space.

    And thanks again for the comment - it really gave us a boost!
  • MaxWatt on 01/07/2012

    Haha thanks. It's a good thing it doesn't exist!
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