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  • by BethN21286 on 12/24/2007
    To start off with, well done. You actually made me laugh out loud on several occasions which isn't common when reading a whole script in one go. The confessional + bring your kid to work day moment is hilarious. There is a good story base here but it is an idea that's been tackled before many times. The same could be said for most stories I guess but I've seen it done better... read

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  • rolyat_au on 02/15/2008

    Hi Beth - more than happy for you to use my review in your assessment, and I'm glad you found it useful! I really look forward to reading your revisions in the future, so please let me know when they're ready!
  • Eulalia on 02/15/2008

    Crime SP are the hardest genre to write, in my opinion, because the audience expects clues, want to suspect one or another of the characters, experience set-backs in light of new clues... change their mind... and we need to give them concrete facts and then some.

    I am new at this genre, and had a lot of expository dialogue in the first two drafts... but I just keep weeding it out and substituting it for images. They come, eventually, if you submerge yourself in the story. You seem like a "natural" in a lot of ways, and that is something that no "How To" book can instill in someone. Keep at it, and feel free to get in touch if you feel like it. Glad to be of some help... Regards, Eu
  • BethN21286 on 11/08/2007

    Happy to talk over any of my reviews, you know where to find me.

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