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As a filmmaker I enjoy all phases of production but am most fulfilled when the writing goes well....


As a filmmaker I enjoy all phases of production but am most fulfilled when the writing goes well.

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  • A review of Long Story Short
    by Bill T on 02/13/2007
    I have to say I was turned off by the synopsis but very delighted by the film itself. Be a salesman, keep quiet and let us sell ourselves (I hope that didn't come off as snotty, sorry). In pure cinema where the scenes take on a life of their own everyone will walk away with their own interpretation and that's the beauty a piece like this can have. So embrace the ambiguity and... read
  • A review of Bubba's Chili Parlor
    by Bill T on 07/20/2006
    I don't know how many films this filmmaker has worked on but I think a few more would benefit him as a writer/director. It's pretty by the numbers stuff, no real surprises. It's not bad filmmaking just a little stiff. The casting is especially poor, except for the little girl. She was the stand-out performer of the piece. If the material is easy to predict then the actor's... read
  • by Bill T on 09/26/2005
    I'll begin by saying the voice over was excellent. It was well produced and the demeanor suited the storyline. Beyond that "Lawnmower Version 1.4" was too long. It was almost as tedious as the instructional DVD's it was trying to satyrize. It was a good idea and could probably still be funny if it was cut down to about 60 seconds. Technically this film is pretty good, the actor... read
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  • RmReel on 09/30/2013


    Following up on my earlier comment. Not sure if there's another communication mode, but if you get this message, do email at tonyonline at hot mail. Thanks
  • RmReel on 07/25/2013


    I read your screenplay, The Clone, last week. I'm writing to see if we can set aside a time to talk/chat. Have you done anything with the screenplay since you posted it on TS? Has it been optioned? Let me know. I can be reached at tonyonline at hotmail com

    Ramesh Anthony

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