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Working as a Gaffer and Camera Operator in Chicago until I make the move to LA....


Working as a Gaffer and Camera Operator in Chicago until I make the move to LA.

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  • A review of The Blind
    by Blake421 on 12/17/2013
    The Blind is the perfect title for this film - the inconsistencies of the image throughout the piece makes your question who is blind? It also happens to be the main object of attention in the thin experimental narrative - a set of blinds. The sound was murky but at least held a very special continuity in both tone and quality. I'm not really sure about the guy opening his... read
  • A review of Brides of Desire
    by Blake421 on 12/05/2013
    Wow! From the very first frame I knew I was in for a treat. The cinematography was top notch, the story telling was tight, sound design superb. Acting, lighting, sets, everything was top of the line. Color correction was even impressive. Editing was unobtrusive. You could perhaps do without the shot of the zipper opening the suitcase, but I'm sure your first AC would have... read
  • A review of Madman Tape 3
    by Blake421 on 12/05/2013
    The choice of black and white worked out pretty well for the prisoner's room. It contrasted great with the color flashback sequence. It was nice to see those two qualities flipped from what we normally see. It was fairly obvious from the start that the character was experiencing some sort of mental disorder associated with his crime. It became a little too on the nose when... read
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  • Typist on 01/06/2013

    I'm glad you pointed out the errors I made and I fixed the small things, but I don't appreciate you implying that my ideas came from a negative place. You didn't like the subject matter just like the other reviewer so you downplay my script like it's completely dead in the water.

    For starters, it read "KYLIE FREEMAN, 13, a sexually precocious young tart" not "delicious young tart". That is an attempt to demonize me or you simply forgot. Did you even read how Mike got Jame's name? -----> Reanna told him it. Some of the errors you stated are your fault. Your mind is clouded in hatred of my story. The script does lead up to Kylie getting kidnapped by Sam. Remember, he's the stalker/child pornographer. The script it meant to bother the viewer and pervert their minds. I don't write PG screenplays that play to the typical reader here.

    *This was my first time writing anything. I didn't take screenwriting classes.
  • BLSibub on 11/02/2011

    Thanks for your review of Life at the Bottom, you make some good points. Good luck with your own writing.
  • ma_caiti on 11/01/2011

    Thank you for the thorough review and notes! It all helps with further drafts.
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