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  • by Booya on 02/21/2005
    Well written and very descriptive. I felt the dialogue was too wordy in most areas, and if it was diced it could definitely add a grittier low budget feel. All that's fine, but I kept sticking on the story and plot. I know it's "Satanic Horror", but that also allows you to change or make the rules as you go. My one question is: Why is Damorg so stupid? I think you can see the... read
  • A review of Vigilantes
    by Booya on 03/23/2004
    It's a pretty good script. I think the idea is pretty good, but I think it needs a bit more because X-Men sort of blows it out of the water. I'd suggest changing the story format a bit to better introduce the kids, to lay out earlier each's (special power) martial art ability and why and how they know this stuff. I kept thinking of the old Wonder Woman cartoons where she would... read
  • A review of Extra Ordinary
    by Booya on 03/21/2004
    Damn. I'm kicking myself for giving higher scores than I should have to past works I've read here. I think this is awesome. The action is excellent. Story is also excellent. You have a great knack for storytelling and intertwining people. I wasn't disappointed at any turn, and there were plenty of them. There was only one small glitch that I noticed in the story. How did Malcom... read
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