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My name is Brando. Married with three children. I am happy to reply to any e-mails regarding reviews....


My name is Brando. Married with three children. I am happy to reply to any e-mails regarding reviews.

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  • A review of Ninety Proof
    by Braxcugs on 10/16/2013
    I really liked the "Save the Cat!" beginning. Frank Proof ruins his life but does it for a just cause. He kills a man but it's OK (the guy deserved it as he was a jerk). I like Proof. I will root for him all the way. The story gets more interesting as Proof gets out of jail and has an interesting mission to attend. Somehow he also desires the love of his daughter and things... read
  • A review of FAKE
    by Braxcugs on 10/11/2013
    Thanks for this very interesting script. The love / hate story between Poppy and Nick is really great as it seemed both strange and realistic. Actually I would say that that the way you depict your characters is top notch. Not only the main characters but also the minor ones (as Sam and Aleksei). I also liker very muck the desciptions (neon butterfuly above all). I do have... read
  • A review of Tower of the Mage
    by Braxcugs on 10/06/2013
    I was very attracted from the beginning of the script (page 1 is just great) but have to admit that it took much effort to finish reading it. IMHO I think that the main problem with the script is the lack of a correct structure. If you compare it with Blake Snyder's “Beat Sheet” I think you will find few similarities between them. I have an issue on the catalyst (the moment... read
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  • CurtJames52 on 10/20/2013

    You are most welcome for the review of "Blackout Sting." I do hope you didn't find it discouraging. There's some real promise there - just take another crack at it!
  • sallyfowler on 10/11/2013

    Thank you for the review of 'We All Scream.' Much appreciated.
  • joshmatt on 09/09/2013

    Thank you very much for your review of "Heroes Never Die".
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