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  • by brrose on 01/04/2013
    December 21st – Humorous contrast between Frank’s world and the Armageddon outside. I like the message that it’s easy to get caught up in our little mundane details (like rattling off the gift ideas) and miss the big picture. One suggestion, for me, is that it would work better if the events outside were just as ominous but less conspicuous. I wasn’t sure why he didn’t acknowledge... read
  • A review of The Getaway
    by brrose on 01/01/2012
    Well, today I was looking for a script to read and I looked through the first pages of the scripts in my queue and yours was the one that best kept my interest so I continued. That’s a very organic and important measure of quality in my mind. Congratulations on hooking a reader!   PREMISE/CONCEPT: I liked your premise. I think this a cinematic idea that could make a... read
  • A review of The Long Road Home
    by brrose on 07/07/2011
    A simple story, well told. That was definitely the quickest I've ever read a screenplay on the site. I'll blame that on 3 factors. One, the script is 91 pages. Two, this was well written and well formatted and thus no problem to get through it. Three, the premise of this script is very simple, no twists and turns. Never had to re read or check anything twice. The outcome was... read
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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 10/15/2013

    Hey Bruce, I'm a little late to the party here (Procrastination is my archenemy), but thanks SO MUCH for the read and review on Lola, sir. Helluva lot of good feedback there, and I could spend a couple paragraphs saying thanks for all the specifics.

    Okay, firstly, the whole "Mom / mom" thing. THANK YOU. I had no freakin' idea, and it makes complete sense. Best thing you called me out on? Needing to explain / establish why Lola will be cut off if her mom gets married. You're right, I never really clarify that. Also, good call on Heather being referred to as stepmother. She's not supposed to be - Jay floats from younger girl to younger girl. I'll have to go back through and catch that.

    Freakin' proofreading.

    Anyway, thanks again for an (awesome) review and taking the time to read this thing. I think to sell the admittedly lower concept to studios, I'm just going to put that picture on the front page. Good advice!
  • David Hayes on 10/01/2013

    I would be curious about the results of your study but I don't trust a doctor who doesn't smoke.

  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 02/06/2013

    That's what I thought. I like that evilness. She seems like she could be a character in a larger story (her resourcefulness and her viciousness). I had fun reading it today.
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