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A playwright that dabbes in independent filmmaking from time to time. Writing is fun....


A playwright that dabbes in independent filmmaking from time to time. Writing is fun.

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  • A review of The Real World: Salem
    by BRYY_MILLER on 04/26/2011
    Center your title. Also, no "A parody by". Either "by", or "written by". The dialogue is clever, witty, and feels real. You actually made characters and plots, where others would just do "haha The Real World haha" (I've read a load of these types of plays before). But worse is that they never treat it as a play; they adopt the television format for the stage. This, sir or... read
  • by BRYY_MILLER on 03/30/2011
    First off, don't start numbering until the actual text. If the characters are not speaking, and yet an action is taking place, that is a stage direction. It also may do good to have a bit of introductory dialogue before you get into the monologues of "New Caesar" and such. Remember, WE don't know what is going on. We don't know they are dead. We know nothing. This looks... read
  • A review of WONA
    by BRYY_MILLER on 03/29/2011
    The play really didn't make any sense. I understand that it is existentialism, but it just seems like BAD existentialism. The kind that says "this is a metaphor, go with it". Yes, while things DO just happen in existentialist pieces, nothing "just happens": the purpose needs to be clear, and not at the level of a cerebral in-joke. The scenes go by way too fast. We can't catch... read
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