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We are a screenwriting duo made up of a playwright and a painter. Together we write films....


We are a screenwriting duo made up of a playwright and a painter. Together we write films.

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  • A review of Shards
    by Captiva on 02/07/2013
    Shards is a mystery, much like Momento, about a man who can recollect only shards of events and seems to be popping back and forth through time. He has been shot, he might be a hit man, he may have killed a pretty girl who is dead in his hotel room…Though the premise is not wholly original, it is interesting enough and different enough to keep us going along, waiting to glean... read
  • by Captiva on 12/23/2011
    If one were to judge sexual mores from current cinema, rality and cable tv, not to mention magazines like Maxim and Cosmo, one might feel we are living in a cultural wasteland where real people are expected to behave like porn stars. This is the world of Dealbreaker, a surprisingly sweet romantic comedy that lampoons the concept of the super hip, crazy-sexy and slothful (a... read
  • by Captiva on 09/04/2011
    At the start of Imperial Renegade Captain Richard Owen is awarded a medal and a charge. He is to deliver the King's most trusted customs officer, Mr. Lloyd to the Massachusetts colony and later return him to England (once his business there, whatever this may be, is done). This is supposed to be easy duty as reward for his recent service to the crown, but early into the trip... read
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  • Aitch on 10/19/2012

    Great. I'll look forward to your pages. Do you have my email? Oh, and while I'd love a review from you on my script. . . well, I'd like to take a rain check. The one I've got up right now on TS is old and now disappointing. I put it up on a whim. I've got ideas I'm excited about that I'd prefer reviewed. (And by the way, you didn't have to do that. :) )

    I will give Doppelgangers another read and get back to you. (I wonder why TS got rid of the email buttons.)
  • Aitch on 10/17/2012

    Funny how things are connected. Hard to mess with one part without affecting the rest. HOWEVER... it does seem that changing the first act is much preferred to changing any other part. All set-up... I'd be happy to give feedback if you want.
  • Aitch on 10/17/2012

    Hey you two, just curious as to whether anything ever happened with your wonderful Doppelgangers script. It's stayed with me. Any contests entered? Attempts at approaching players like Reiner... Etc. . .??
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