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I just love movies!................


I just love movies!.............

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  • A review of The Furniture
    by Caritto on 11/21/2006
    Lets divide this review in story and then the tec part. Story: simple, sweet, I thought it was a bit obvious that at the end he was going to get killed, I thought he was going to slipped and hit his head on a furniture, something like that. I wasnt that wrong either, but the fact that at the end the furniture was actually alive and making a conspiration against that poor... read
  • A review of iBitch 2.0
    by Caritto on 10/23/2006
    This is a type of short where the twist is in the end of the story, because of that you must not tell everything in the synopsis. Try to inform, but not as much, since it takes the surprising twist at the end a bit. I found it entertaining, the acting was good, the camera was good but you did not used different angles, I didn't see a variety. When her IBITCH 2.0 comes to the... read
  • A review of The Seance
    by Caritto on 10/06/2006
    I don't know if its good or bad, but the feeling the short gave me was a claustrophobic one. It has to do with the camera angles you decided to put. Most of them came from one side only. I felt the need of some frontal shots, and different composition. Lots of close ups were used, and I felt I needed to know more about the atmosphere, the older guy`s world and the only thing... read
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  • Nitin8592 on 04/19/2011

    hey..i'm to screenplay but really interested. You seem to be one of the most experienced screenwriters 'round here.could u plz help me if i post my doubts to u??
  • jwest on 09/25/2010


    Send your pic/s anytime. ;D
  • Michelle77 on 05/01/2009

    Hey, Congrats on your graduation! That pic of you is absolutely adorable by the way. Incredibly pretty pic! Anyhow, nice to see you slumming it here at the Trigger Street again. Welcome back! :)
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