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I like this picture. It's makes me look all mysterious! Haha...


I like this picture. It's makes me look all mysterious! Haha

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    A review of Alone
    by chickenoodles on 04/17/2005
    It was great! I felt sorry for the brick. That poor brick; nearly split in two by some kid's skull. haha I think I'm the first person to review this short. I should probably give it a serious review instead of just typing random thoughts to take up space. I wish these reviews didn't have a 50 word minimum. What if someone just wants to say: "Haha that was funny. Good job."... read
  • by chickenoodles on 02/27/2005
    This screenplay was just okay for me. That is not to say it was not well written. I was just not into the story on a personal level. The concept is good and I liked the Jimi Hendricks ending. I loved the beginning. I didn't read the synopsis before diving into the screenplay and I just loved the Salem Witch Trials beginning. It left me wishing there was more of it. That... read

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