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Jennifer was a semi-finalist in the Nicholl Comps...


Jennifer was a semi-finalist in the Nicholl Comps

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  • A review of Flight Paths
    by Condrashoff on 06/24/2004
    Flight Paths is an endearing sp for children. It is beautifully written and structurally sound. The story is fresh and original, and the concept is unique. The characters are clear and intriguing, and the dialogue is excellent. Ella's backstory, although sad, brought depth to the story. I enjoyed the fairly talk and the brilliant description of their strange world. The only... read
  • A review of Life In A Red Dress
    by Condrashoff on 05/15/2004
    I can tell from reading this screenplay that the author must be a perfectionist. When I started to read it, I couldn't stop and time went by quickly. The Character development, and dialogue were excellent, and the description was crisp. The story was good with turning points that grab, and a believable plot. The only fault I can make here, is that there needs to be another... read
  • A review of DRIVER
    by Condrashoff on 02/15/2004
    This SP is fast paced and has an interesting premise, with a good couple of twist at the end. I can't fault the structure either. My big problem with this SP is that the characters are all so shallow and crass. I didn't care about any of them. Val's character was unrealistic. Who would a) not totally freak if they saw the apparition of Mike while driving and b) welcome fondling... read
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