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Hi there. Actress for too long now. This SP idea came to me in a dream (no, really) and wouldn't leave me alone so I put it down on paper....


Hi there. Actress for too long now. This SP idea came to me in a dream (no, really) and wouldn't leave me alone so I put it down on paper.

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  • A review of Lucidity
    by CrabbyLady on 12/20/2011
    First of all, you have a wonderful premise here. Who among us wouldn't want to literally battle our demons and be rid of them once and for all? Your main character, Frank, certainly has a lot on his plate, and you start off very nicely with your introduction of him relieving the grief and guilt he feels over the kidnapping of his sister, and his inability to do anything about... read
  • by CrabbyLady on 08/25/2011
    First and foremost: don't you dare lose or change Ronald! I will think ugly, mean thoughts about you if you do. Seriously, he is a wonderful character and very, very real. I enjoyed every moment of him in the SP, and as mentioned, I wouldn't change a thing about him. His relationship with Billy and how he wants to 'man him up' is wonderful, delightful and really fun to read... read
  • by CrabbyLady on 08/23/2011
    You have what I feel is a very interesting premise, and some good moments and good characters. However, it also seemed to me that way too much was going on, and if you streamlined a bit more, it would help in the long run. As mentioned, your premise is quite good with a corrupt sheriff with his hands in just about everything, and a young boy caught up in a situation not of... read
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  • alexherrin on 12/20/2011

    Thank you for your review of Lucidity. I was relieved to know that someone at least appreciated parts of it, other than just my friends. I understand it needs quite a bit of work, but that's what this is all about. You gave me some good ideas to work with, and I will definitely be considering them when I do my next re-write!
  • DebraSwan on 10/10/2011

    Thanks for taking the time to review Divine Intervention. I appreciate you thoughts and suggestions.
  • RWS on 09/26/2011

    Hi there "CrabbyLady"!

    I was assigned one of your scripts (The Human Façade), but removed that submission from my assignments. What made me do this was mostly 1 - page count 2 - "walls of text" on some pages (page 43, for instance).

    Hope you don't get me wrong, I decided to drop by and say this in hopes you'd see it as constructive criticism. Agents/Producers/Studio Readers may run from your script too, if they see it as too thick, dense or wordy, regardless of the high quality it may very well have.

    Have a nice day :-),

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