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Screenwriting is only one of several creative things that I enjoy....


Screenwriting is only one of several creative things that I enjoy.

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  • by creekside on 12/01/2007
    This work is very clever and very funny. Having said that, this is a one-trick pony in the view of this reviewer. Nothing new about the story line. Nothing new about the characters, save one. The villain is a cliché. His henchmen are knuckleheads in suits. Aren’t they all? The writer has talent because we see glimpses in some of the sight-gags. The brothers fighting... read
  • A review of Higher Plains
    by creekside on 11/27/2005
    Higher plains. A clever story with potential. I like Jay as the buddy. This is very creative. Doug and even Peter are fairly well drawn, but Sheila needs work. She ends up where she started. Once Viv comes into the picture Peter disappears. Is he still in a relationship with Sheila once she gets a job at the hospital? The transition from Sheila the volunteer to Sheila... read
  • A review of The Prince Of Miraval
    by creekside on 11/26/2005
    Pleasant enough, but totally predictable. The moment that Michelle was introduced and we learn that John is headed to the island it is clear that they will be together in the end. This is not a bad thing. It is the formula for a romantic comedy. The problem is this is not a romantic comedy. John really has no challenge or goal other than to learn about his father. He... read
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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 03/04/2011


    Thanks for taking the time to read Exit Strategies. Always appreciated.

    Haven't been TSing much lately (making one of my other TS scripts) so it was a bit of a surprise to get a review out of the blue. First one for 10 months.

    Thanks again
  • Susan P. on 01/15/2010

    I actually do write like I talk. :)
  • jamster on 10/28/2009

    Happy Birthday! We share the same day - whowuddafunkit!

    Congrats on the re-write too - all the best, Jim.
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