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Don't try to cash in love. That check will always bounce....


Don't try to cash in love. That check will always bounce.

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  • A review of The True Evil
    by cswood on 03/14/2012
    Nitpicky, on Pg 1 ďFade InĒ should be at the top of the page above your first slugline/scene header. Also, referencing shots is something you want to avoid. Tell us only what we need to visualize the story. And using parenthicals to tell the potential actors stage directions is also frowned upon. And having characters tell the audience exactly what they are thinking is also... read
  • A review of Ah-Ha
    by cswood on 01/22/2012
    So Iím 20 pages in. Youíve got a nice style in your dialog, but thereís just too much of it. All the really good parts are drowned by all the excess filler. Iím 20 pages in and the plot has barely moved an inch, itís just lots and lots of talking without much action. I get youíre trying to be funny and slick and tarantinoesque but it doesnít amount to much without action. Talk... read
  • A review of A Tru Fairytale
    by cswood on 10/07/2011
    At 104 pages, itís a little over long for me, especially since you tend to direct from the page and overwrite in many places. You need to find things to cut to get this closer to 95 pages. Narratorís blowup on pg 3 is a bit much and too self-aware. Youíve got a cute beginning, donít spoil it. In fact, although I see where youíre going and the Narrator does make up much of... read
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  • ecclesine on 11/09/2013

    Hey Chris. I'm glad you reached out. Will you hit me at patrick@ecclesine.com? I got a little thing I'm gonna pursue which might be of interest to you.
  • D J Sheridan on 06/11/2012

    Hi Chris,
    No probs on the free will of Easy Money.
    Please can you keep up the action pieces as they are always riveting to read and edge-of-seat...
    Now for Survival Instinct...
  • rfryer on 02/16/2012

    Downloaded your Easy Money and glimpsed a piece to make sure you are qualified to be so direct.. the small peek passed the mustard.. you have skills.. I've already heard and accepted most of the criticisms you've voiced. My take has always been that descriptions and action are elements that could be altered on the scene.. or don't necessarily require extended emphasis. A scene written for an apartment could be changed to a parking lot.. a station wagon could be substituted for a sedan--and so forth. I believe it would be harder for a director or whoever to rework an entire verbal exchange. Most memorable movies--or at least the ones I remember--are popular for a particular line. Either way.. I thank you for your input.. and the suggestions you made are good ones.
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