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  • A review of The Turn of the Screw
    by darthvonpokemon on 04/30/2009
    Strong performances, mood lighting, fx, sound, score and cinematography all lend a hand in making this an extremely good film. My only possible complaints would be with actual parts of the story. Some scenes seemed to rush by and details were left out. It was difficult to tell if they were just moving in to the home at the beginning and then suddenly moving out by the end... read
  • A review of Echopraxia
    by darthvonpokemon on 04/30/2009
    ...poor execution. The audio was extremely difficult to understand as the mix was somewhat muddy and only heard through the left channel. The fuzzy archive video was also discernible, although another unique idea. I feel that the idea and storyline are there which are truly original, but in it's current state is difficult to watch.

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