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A Mississippi girl with a passion for writing....


A Mississippi girl with a passion for writing.

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  • by DeeJay77 on 10/08/2010
    I must say youíve come up with quite a nice idea. Thereís an interesting story here and you tell it well. Your formatting is good and there were only two typos throughout, so good job. I think youíve done a real good job of writing the dialogue. It flows well and sounds natural. I would suggest minimizing the number of times you use exclamation marks. Over using the exclamation... read
  • A review of SuperHero of the Year
    by DeeJay77 on 10/03/2010
    Congratulations on completing this quite enjoyable script. This was actually the first childrenís/family script that I've read here on TS and I must say it was refreshing. It was nice to read a script which didnít contain a ton of foul language for a change. Not that Iím offended by colorful language by any means, I even use it in moderation in my own scripts, but you know... read
  • A review of Epiphany V2
    by DeeJay77 on 09/29/2010
    Congratulations on completing this SP. I found the CONCEPT interesting and I enjoyed the read. Opening with Sarahís murder serves as a strong hook for the audience. You really grabbed my attention and sparked my interest quickly which is exactly what you want to do, so good job. STORY As I said, I really enjoyed your story; however, I think there is still room for improvement... read
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  • maryf on 11/19/2010


    I've been thinking about my review of your screenplay heart of gold. I hope I wasn't too harsh in my review. Maybe it wasn't fair for me to review your screenplay since I'm not a fan of the genre that you wrote in. With the exception of the movie Big Fan I generally stay away from sports movies. One thing that I enjoyed was the clarity of storytelling. I hope to read more of your writing in the future. Good Luck.

  • jmdsbussrv on 10/30/2010

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for your review of SuperHero of the Year, first version.

    I have finished the rewrites and have reposted the next version.

    Though one can never implement everything that everyone may mention or suggest, I did implement quite a bit from the overall pool of reviews, yours included.

    If you do happen to review this again, please feel free to address anything that you mentioned before if it does not seem fixed. Be careful when you read, however; since many items have been addressed "off the nose" or with only a few words here and there.

    Thank you again, and I wish you well.

    PS, I'll remember you if this ever sees the light of day.

  • jmdsbussrv on 10/22/2010

    Hey, Donna, thanks for watching the trailer.

    I am done with the major rewrite and have put it away for a few days to read it fresh for smoothing out and fine tuning before reposting it.

    Thanks again and I wish you well.

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