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I am a beginner writer/director from the UK mainly interested in entertainment oriented genre films....


I am a beginner writer/director from the UK mainly interested in entertainment oriented genre films.

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  • by digitalisentertainment on 09/16/2009
    This was a very well written screenplay. You were careful enough to scrutinize each detail and that made it easier for the reader to get a clear picture of what was happening. The characters were excellently written. They weren’t one dimensional and their personalities were different from one another and yet they shared many similarities at the same time. Hewitt, Larry and... read
  • A review of Under A Killing Moon
    by digitalisentertainment on 09/14/2009
    This was a fantastic read. There was not a single formatting or grammatical error which made it so much easier to read. Pacing the story so effectively worked in its favor though I’d suggest lengthening the prison scene, which can be used as an opportunity to define Thompson’s character further. I liked the characters and the way you described them in the beginning, especially... read
  • A review of Killing the Seeds
    by digitalisentertainment on 09/08/2009
    This was a mighty effort for the first draft of your first screenplay. The plot was reminiscent of the early 90’s action flicks and it was quite entertaining. Act II and III were well paced though Act I was a bit slow, maybe because of the heavy use of descriptions in the first 35 pages or so. The screenplay needs to be thoroughly scanned for spelling errors which kept popping... read
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  • stevejones540 on 10/01/2009

    I appreciate you reading and reviewing Underdog. Just to let you know that I've just posted a revised version, which is almost 20 pages shorter!
  • Glenn Hawkins on 09/20/2009

    Thank you for reviewing Skidrow. You were very nice and helpful to tell me which things you found were funny. It made me happy, but more than that it let me know certain things worked. You know when you write, you think some things work, but you do not know, until somebody pin points what’s good. Then you know it worked, because ‘he’ found it right where you believed you put it.

    Lots of luck to you,
  • David Muhlfelder on 09/18/2009

    Comment deleted by digitalisentertainment
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