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You can read about me on my website at

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  • A review of Slow Emotion
    by director7 on 09/20/2005
    How ever your emotions may be, you can let whatever get you down in any case. Do not let anything offend you not matter who or what stands in your way. Your emotions speak of who you really are by the way you act upon yourself. Patience is the most important virtue and always give your an opportunity face what ever your issues may be. It's alway good to accountable for your... read
  • A review of Peace of Mind
    by director7 on 11/17/2004
    I was laughing quite a bit at some parts. I like the one where he falls down and all this time he's frustrated then at the end get some peace of mind when his realize where his car keys were. There are some parts in it but do consider revising again with lot of creativity character so it can get a larger lay out.
  • A review of Untitled
    by director7 on 11/17/2004
    That was more of a fashion mogal type of fantasy layout and the effects was so cool. This would be so cool for a fashion type of commercial so many letters floating aroung and all other thing and the girl was more like a super model in the futer. You should try to make another one and see how it turns out, I seem to like it quite a bit.
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