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Have an appetite to learn and hoping TS will help....


Have an appetite to learn and hoping TS will help.

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  • A review of First Do No Harm
    by djslik on 05/16/2011
    This certainly is a good thriller that examines the innocence of a man whose impeccable past cannot stand up to the accusations of bearing child pornography photos. His family, friends and job are lost in the process. I couldnít help but draw comparisons to The Fugitive here and there. People have been knocking me over the head regarding action descriptions and character... read
  • A review of Brothers of Stone
    by djslik on 05/15/2011
    Packed with both action and conflict, this offers revenge, survival and love all on the same plate. I think you have lots of interesting material here but the dialogue is way off for the period. I have some notes. Pg 1 While you have good descriptions for your characters, they are too descriptive. Best to depict your characters demeanor through his actions and his dialogue... read
  • by djslik on 05/11/2011
    A captivating SP that leads you on a journey through an imaginative world where literary works hold the true lives of their former readers. This is an original and piece of work with an engaging premise that reels you in. Well done as all the aspects. I do however have some notes and suggestions. Personally I donít think the Narration is wise choice in the beginning. Basically... read
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  • wanderingmbhorn on 05/12/2011

    Hey Man,

    I've gotten lucky, two of your reviews in two days! You're notes are again ridiculously insightful as, thanks to your notes, I'm completely re-working my ending to something I think is much more fitting.

    Thanks again!

  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 05/12/2011

    Hey, awesome suggestions, thanks! I especially like the idea of meth heads hanging around and causing trouble, because that does fit in with what happened, and not all of them would know about the bust.

    I'm hoping before the weekend is over, I have a new version up with that included (among other changes as well).

    I'm conflicted about the title, though, although it does have some irony.

  • wanderingmbhorn on 05/11/2011

    Hey Man,

    Thanks for an awesome review of TOBIAS, THE MOTHER-F***ER, I appreciate the thoughtful review. I had some inner fears about a lot of the issues you raised and I've got a feeling I'll be hearing a lot more about the stuff you mentioned as I gather more reviews.

    Thanks again!

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