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At it again. Best, Derek - 02/17/2011...


At it again. Best, Derek - 02/17/2011

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  • A review of Up In Flames
    by dls1065 on 08/24/2007
    ...that smoking kills. I feel the pain of the guy that doesnt like smoking and I feel like doing that to alot of people that smoke where I eat - I cant stand it. This short film was sweet and quick to the point. The shots where interesting, the actors pulled it off, and the ideal worked... nothing bad really to say about this short. I enjoyed it and keep up the good work... read
  • A review of The Solo's
    by dls1065 on 02/26/2006
    First, I'll start out by saying that parodies do absolutely nothing at all for me. All a parody is, is something making fun of a no doubt; superior and successful film. So, in that sense this short did not appeal to me at all. Now on the the positives of this short film. I thought this was really well acted, every actor did a surperb job. I especially liked the Han Solo... read
  • A review of Partnered
    by dls1065 on 02/14/2006
    This short has alot going for it. I liked the goofy humor. It started out with alot of potential, but never really fully took off. I would like to see more story with the same char., The camera work was simple enough and the acting was decent. Keep up the good work.
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