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Living and working in LA....


Living and working in LA.

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  • A review of Tainted Spirit
    by dmw256 on 01/09/2014
    I'll begin this with what I liked. I like the idea of a young girl possessed and her family has learned to live and deal with it. I would encourage you to pursue that angle. What kind of things have they done to cope with it other than not playing with her, isolating her in her room, and going through numerous baby sitters. How is Rini affected by this? You give us glimpses... read
  • A review of Savage Blood
    by dmw256 on 01/08/2014
    This story reminds me of Apocalypto. I'm not saying it's the same. I'm just saying I was thinking of that as I was reading. A native basically on the run from a rival tribe for most of the movie. I wasn't a fan of Apocalypto - which is good, because your script has nothing to live up to. However, what Apocalypto tried to do, but your script doesn't, is that it spent time... read
  • A review of Positive (+) Rev
    by dmw256 on 01/07/2014
    1. Loved the idea of this positive/negative club. That people would actually go out and try to contract the AIDS virus. This is only a small part of your script and I think you should expand it much larger part - who are these people, what makes them do this. Is this widespread throughout the city or is it just this club. A club in which people try to get infected is odd,... read
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  • joshmatt on 01/23/2014

    thanks for the review of "life sucks"!
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/15/2014

    You're welcome. It's a good read and worth every bit of effort you put into it. Look forward to the rewrite.
  • Tschwenn on 10/27/2013

    Hey, a new draft of my script Gravity Kills, which you reviewed here on TriggerStreet, is up for Amateur Friday status over on ScriptShadow. It'd mean a lot if you could read and comment to get it approved for official review.

    Here' the link:

    Here's Gravity Kills without the watermark:
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