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Actor and writer. Someday I hope to direct....


Actor and writer. Someday I hope to direct.

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  • A review of Slumpbuster
    by DontStealMyScript on 05/13/2013
    OVERVIEW First Impression - format and action blocks look good. Page count seems high for a romantic comedy. Judge is a minor league baseball player in a slump. And he needs to end it quick, before he gets traded down to a lesser league. So he uses an old baseball tradition called the slumpbuster. This is a ritual where, if a player is in a slump, he finds the ugliest, skankiest,... read
  • A review of Full Moon
    by DontStealMyScript on 05/10/2013
    OVERVIEW First Impression - format, action blocks, and page count look good. This was a fairly entertaining read, primarily because the premise felt fresh. Can't ever remember watching a movie or reading a script about a Werewolf on the moon before. However, the execution here leaves a bit to be desired. The characters are paper-thin. They never feel real or nuanced enough... read
  • A review of The Bell
    by DontStealMyScript on 04/14/2013
    The Bell stars a geeked out science nerd, Brian, who attends his 10 year high school reunion and realizes he's been forgotten by most of his old peers. He spots the one that got away, Fiona, and makes a play for a second chance. She shows him his wedding ring and says it's too late. Only if you don't have a time machine! Later he hatches a plan to go back and time and undo... read
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  • dyland55 on 05/12/2013

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your insightful review of "Full Moon" you had some great points and I really appreciate it.

    All the best,

  • themovienerd on 05/07/2013

    Whew! Now THAT was a review. I absolutely LOVE your thoughts on Chris and Annie. It's a shift in the relationship dynamic that hadn't occurred to me and I think it could really, REALLY add more charged moments if that long lost history is there. That right there, THAT is why TSL is such a valuable resource- people helping people and showing things that otherwise wouldn't have been seen. Awesome!

    Thanks again, and all the best to you and your own writing.

  • johnnyb2124 on 04/20/2013

    Thanks for your review of Twist of Fate=) I appreciate your comments and will consider all your suggestions!
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