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  • A review of The Barn
    by DrAstrov on 09/29/2010
    "The Barn" is laden with an American Gothic eeriness that laces an idyllic setting and an era generally regarded as 'innocent' with a heavy dram of uncomfortable truth. The flipping over of the rock of normalcy to reveal mankind's sick and inexplicable mutations and imperfections is always intriguing and it is especially bold to use the shell of a horror story to contain a... read
  • A review of Rewriting Nostalgia
    by DrAstrov on 09/16/2010
    "Rewriting Nostalgia" is a fantastically vivid and complex script. The care taken in establishing gorgeous specificity in character, tone, and, most of all, setting demonstrates the writer's impressive imagination and vision. Along with imagination and vision, however, presumption often follows. In this case it seems that the writer may presume too confidently that his audience... read
  • by DrAstrov on 09/04/2010
    "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" teaches the cynical reader/reviewer/fellow screenwriter a great lesson: that no matter how disinterested the crusty bastard may be in inspiring stories about horses and the blind girls who love them, and regardless of how mundane the smug reader may find the 'family' genre, that reader will, in spite of himself, be so enthralled in said story, due... read
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  • hinge1492 on 09/29/2010

    Thank you for your review of The Barn!
  • fencik on 09/28/2010

    Thanks for your review of MONSTER NOIR. Words of support are usually in short supply so your glowing comments are nothing short of overwhelming. Thanks again.
  • DrAstrov on 09/18/2010

    HowieGreen wrote:
    If you are still interest, my screenplay is now uploaded to the site. I'll look forward to reading your reactions, should you choose to review it.

    Right on! The synopsis sounds fascinating. Can't wait to read it.
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