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  • A review of The Lords of Dust
    by DrAstrov on 10/29/2014
    “The Lords of Dust”. Hooo boy! I am going to abandon all decorum and just go ahead and go all first-person and effusive on you. My lack of formality, let me warn you, will be absolutely unprofessional and unobjective and probably not altogether helpful from a critical standpoint, but BOY HOWDY, man…that read was so engaging I feel like I just finished WATCHING it: Adrenaline,... read
  • A review of Artificial
    by DrAstrov on 10/22/2014
    “Artificial” is in possession of a taut structure, vivid characters, a clearly delineated universe, and more thematic specificity than most screenplays of its genre. It is hard to find much concrete to criticize and yet, in spite of its seeming flawlessness, it falls short of absorbing the reader emotionally. There is plenty of suspense but conversely an absence of urgency... read
  • A review of The Barn
    by DrAstrov on 09/29/2010
    "The Barn" is laden with an American Gothic eeriness that laces an idyllic setting and an era generally regarded as 'innocent' with a heavy dram of uncomfortable truth. The flipping over of the rock of normalcy to reveal mankind's sick and inexplicable mutations and imperfections is always intriguing and it is especially bold to use the shell of a horror story to contain a... read
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  • RL Sterling on 10/31/2014

    I would consider "self-producing" if I could find that forty million dollars I had the other day. They were sitting right next to my car keys and my phone. Man, I need to get organized.
  • RL Sterling on 10/30/2014

    Thanks very much for your review. I did not expect such enthusiasm.

    To a couple of your points:

    "As Time Goes By" NOT Gershwin?!?!?! I can't believe I got that wrong. I had to look it up. Herman Hupfeld. Go figure. And I come from a musical family, although obviously I'm not blessed with that talent. But I should have known it just because I've seen Casablanca about 10 times.

    You mention that the second act doesn't begin until about page 38. Others have stated simply that the opening is too long or that they were set back by all the action. I'm okay with all of the above. Action always cuts faster than it reads, and in reality, I'm not married to any one scene, character or arc. I'll go with whatever works, realizing also that you can't cut away to something you haven't shot. I hear that all the time from my wife, who's an editor. So I feel like it's pretty much all there. The rest would be in the hands of the director.

    Military jargon: I cut WAY back from previous versions. In the end, a military coordinator or consultant would probably have the final input. I would rewrite it the way he says.

    P. 89 flashback to beach. Another reviewer on a different site basically said the same thing. Contrived, not necessary. I could go either way, but I'd rather shoot it and not use it than vice versa. I spent six months on a job in San Diego. That scene and others came partly out of my experiences there. Coronado is a Navy SEAL town, but I was there one afternoon, right in front of "The Del" with my family, and saw this Marine jogging up the beach. He was giant.

    The "Olympic physique" at least in Mercer's case would be an absolute requirement in terms of casting. He's a Recon Marine. I've met quite a few, and most are like sculpted bronze. Crassly, however, I was also thinking about the female audience for obvious reasons.

    In the end, my intent with this script was simply to make an honest war flick. Good characters, good action. One of these days maybe. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks again and good luck out there.


    PS I laughed out loud when you mentioned "ball sweat." I saw a documentary about a Marine regiment. The term they used for a certain, ever present, pungent odor was "FAB." Feet, Ass, Balls.
  • RL Sterling on 10/22/2014

    You're welcome for the Og's review. I guess I should've tempered my criticism of Mel's "Waiter at the Last Supper" bit, because it came straight from the"2,000 year old man" schtick he did with Carl Reiner at parties back in the 60's. Yeah, the sketch was sort of funny, but I was disappointed at the rehash and the whole "History" movie in general. BTW, supposedly, original tapes from those parties still exist but were never released because they were considered too salty or risqué for the time. Then he did "Blazing Saddles" and you know the rest.
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