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Writer. Video editing/camera. Previous script finalist in Austin competition. Optioned by Big Shoe Productions....


Writer. Video editing/camera. Previous script finalist in Austin competition. Optioned by Big Shoe Productions.

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  • A review of White-collar Tough
    by drowsywaters on 05/04/2009
    The Good: I've been to Gadsden and you've got it down. I don't know if you're a boxer or an avid fan, but all the fight sequences are spot on. The Bad: I have no idea why Scott and Eric are friends. They treat each other badly from the beginning. Eric neglects Scott when he's getting pummeled and Scott rats Eric out without much of a fight. (no pun intended) When a smalltime... read
  • A review of Bella Beauty
    by drowsywaters on 05/03/2009
    In writing a mockumentary you've picked the perfect industry to mock. The beauty/spa world is ripe to plunder. You've picked a good role model in Best in Show; eclectic groups vying for a prize. And you've got the best place to hold it: Las Vegas. You've set a fantastic table. The problem, for me, is that it didn't hold that promise. You told us instead of showing us. Your... read
  • A review of Haymarket
    by drowsywaters on 02/17/2008
    As a union member I must say this was a nice piece of work to read. People seem to have forgotten that the forty hour week, eight hour day and overtime were earned through other's blood. -- That being said, this was a hard piece of work to see as a film. There are so many characters and so many speeches that I don't see it as a visual medium. Have you considered it as a book?... read
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  • Christopher O'Rourke on 11/26/2010

    drowsywaters wrote:
    You would need to find an illustrator that was into the project. I would start by asking people in the comics section of Triggerstreet....

    Thanks for your help!
  • Christopher O'Rourke on 11/23/2010

    drowsywaters wrote:
    Have you thought of making ...Badlands a graphic novel? It has the earmarks of a good one. And Hollywood loves to buy/make graphic novels into movies.

    You know, it's an interesting idea. But I lack the artistic skills to do it myself, and don't have the first clue how I would go about getting it done otherwise. Are you aware of any place I could submit it?
  • Christopher O'Rourke on 11/23/2010

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on "Out of the Badlands". It's actually being deleted because I'm doing a rewrite based on the reviews I've received so far. A new, leaner version will be up soon.

    Thanks again-
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