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I'm an Austin-based screenwriter trying to devise a method to skip the first draft altogether. StoryPros - 2nd Place, Drama (2008), BlueCat Quarterfinalist (2008), PAGE Quarterfinalist (2008)....


I'm an Austin-based screenwriter trying to devise a method to skip the first draft altogether. StoryPros - 2nd Place, Drama (2008), BlueCat Quarterfinalist (2008), PAGE Quarterfinalist (2008).

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  • A review of Philip Taylor Kramer
    by eengstrom on 10/14/2009
    PERSONAL IMPRESSION: Fair. Throughout the script, I felt like I was reading a good piece of fiction. However, I’m not sure this material is suited for a screenplay… yet. There’s a great concept here and some interesting characters, but the plot and dialogue need work to make the concept work as a movie. PLOT/STRUCTURE The story starts off well, quickly catching my attention... read
  • A review of THE DONOR
    by eengstrom on 06/03/2008
    LOG LINE: A young janitor searches his nightmares for a brutal killer, who may be closer to him than he thinks. PERSONAL IMPRESSION: Fair. The first half of this script is very good, but then it degrades into cliché situations and an ending that doesn’t make much sense. Character development and dialogue are well crafted, but the story itself needs significant work. A solid... read
  • by eengstrom on 05/21/2008
    LOG LINE: Car salesman Curt Webber reels from a marriage proposal rejection and flies to St. Louis with a woman he hardly knows. PERSONAL IMPRESSION: Fair to Good. I’ll say up-front that the rom-com is not my preferred genre, mainly because most of these movies feel formulaic to me. This script follows the familiar pattern, but its rich dialogue takes it to an enjoyable level... read
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  • vbnguyen02 on 02/10/2010

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review. You've given such great feedback. If you don't mind, I could email you a bit more intel on some points you brought up. To keep the script nice and tight, I purposely left out some details that could be explained through dialog. My hope was that the reader could some how take in this small-town, thug-leader ordeal. To understand that in a small town like this, everyone grew up together, knew each other, and knew the rumors and such that would float around. So regardless if Pat and Charlie were close friends growing up, just by living in that town, Pat and everyone else know the details.

    Sorry, this comment has gone quite long. Feel free to message me if you'd like me to email you more explanation. Other than that, Thank you very much again for your review. I'm glad you didn't stop reading it!

    BTW, you're from Austin?!?! That's so neat, because I'm from Houston. We're neighbors.

    - Van
  • devodude on 01/28/2010

    Just wanted to thank you for your review of Foster's Corner. I appreciate the honest, in depth reviews because they are the best motivators for improvement (I've even been using what I've learned in these reviews and applied it to other projects). FC is about to be brought in for a major overhaul, but I need to finish up the script I'm currently working on before I do so.

    One question I do have is this: what technique helps you when you're individualizing characters through their dialogue? Most of the other storytelling elements I believe I can work through with practice, but the dialogue issue is a pressing matter for me (and probably one of the more commented upon in my reviews). Can you give a fellow writer some pointers?

    Thanks again.
  • maestro976 on 10/14/2009

    Thanks for the in depth critique of Philip Taylor Kramer. It is reviewers like you that make Trigger Street worthwhile. You give excellent feedback.
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