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I am an ex-journalist who now makes a living (sort of) selling antiquarian books....


I am an ex-journalist who now makes a living (sort of) selling antiquarian books.

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  • by Eric Maloney on 04/18/2014
    I was intrigued by the premise suggested by the logline, "A gay couple's bond is tested after taking in a redneck relative." I imagined that the story would be about how the partners respond differently to the relative's unenlightened and homophobic attitudes and how these different responses strain their relationship. Perhaps the story would explore the differences between... read
  • A review of Extradition (2.5)
    by Eric Maloney on 04/14/2014
    This is a well-paced screenplay with a simple, direct story and style that are appropriate for the genre. The non-extradition angle is a good one, and the idea of an aggrieved American traveling to a strange land to get justice, while not original, has potential. However, I realized at about the halfway point that I felt entirely disengaged from the protagonist. I didn't... read
  • by Eric Maloney on 04/12/2014
    This screenplay has a few interesting elements that give it potential, but at the moment it's not much more than a rather dull police procedural. There's nothing interesting or engaging about the protagonist cop, a clichéd loner who devotes herself to her job at the expense of her personal life (how many times have we seen that in a cop movie?). The most interesting character... read
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  • Eric Fredrickson on 04/18/2014

    Hi Eric! Really appreciate you taking the time to read OOTR. Your comments and notes that you offered in your review are useful, thorough and thoughtful. Thanks a mil :)
  • 10pagesaday on 04/14/2014

    Thanks for your review of The Wife, the Mistress and the Girlfriend. I didn't use to use parentheticals or exclamation points but many have told me that I should and I guess like a fool I listened. I'll just go back to my original form of writing.
  • Peter M Love on 04/13/2014

    Hi Eric - thanks for your Parasites comments, very detailed and on point! Much appreciated time and commitment to the task.
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