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  • A review of The Holstein Epiphany
    by Fboogey on 02/28/2013
    First I've got to say that the actual prose, the descriptions, dialogue etc where pretty well-written. That said there were times when I found the plot confusing and a little hard to follow. I get the basic story, Baylor gets a revelation while looking at the Holstein that leads him to become a vigilante of sorts. But for the first 20 pages it seems like nothing really happens... read
  • A review of Goblin Market
    by Fboogey on 02/06/2013
    First off I was pleasantly surprised to find out the story was based on a real poem and that it actually follows the poem pretty closely. However I felt there were many points in the script were the story seemed to lack focus. First off if you're going to have the goblins as antagonists with ulterior motives (as opposed to just their fruit being bad) you might want to introduce... read
  • A review of Magic Jack (v. 2)
    by Fboogey on 12/17/2012
    Incoherent and directionless. Unfortunately these are the adjectives that jump to mind after reading this screenplay. The Screenplay seemed to jump from one fantastical scenario to another with nothing to tie them together. How is it that one story can have a Yeti, A goblin, A superhero and various other random creatures who play no real role in the story? In addition to ordinary... read
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  • contrafilms on 03/28/2014

    Contact me regarding Fisherman's Ring. ASAP
  • tomtrott1707 on 03/03/2013

    Thank you for your review, I will try and heed your criticisms when I approach the second draft.
  • postmortem on 03/01/2013

    Hi, F. Thanks for the Holstein review.
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