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  • A review of The Return
    by flootje on 01/31/2003
    It's really unbelievable that anyone on this site has the guts to even consider rating this film 'consider'! This is way above anything else on the site I've seen. Looks flawless and professional, superb acting, beautiful camera and editing. And it's scary. It has the quality of an X-File episode. (meant as a compliment) The only thing here really worth being shot on 16mm film... read
  • A review of Sleep
    by flootje on 01/28/2003
    Although this film was made with a lot of people, shot on film (which looked good, by the way), it dragged on a bit. I couldn't be moved by the story. Why the introduction of the friends when it was about his relationship with his parents? Didn't get the effect that was intended. Acting was goog though. Same people could make better movie.
  • A review of Folk Cribs
    by flootje on 01/26/2003
    When you make a parody of something make sure you do it very well. The concept in itself is not original by defenition so make it work by HOW you do it! In this case, as in a lot of cases, it doesn't quite work. It's a little too long, edited too slow. (Especially when you consider it's MTV you're making fun off!!!) Although there were some relatively funny "scenes", altogether... read
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