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My background is in the arts (music), but I'm new to screenwriting and eager to learn and improve....


My background is in the arts (music), but I'm new to screenwriting and eager to learn and improve.

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  • A review of You Again (2nd drft)
    by gagliano on 03/11/2008
    You packed a lot of twists a la comic Shakespeare (character names, hidden identities, character pairings) into this screenplay! I read through the piece twice to really follow the many characters and get a better grasp of the chain of settings/events. Your story concept was great fun - fake reincarnation becoming real reincarnation, with the re-reincarnation at the end…... read
  • A review of Artie Lang
    by gagliano on 02/02/2008
    “Artie Lang” is family drama with societal/moral issues which would be particularly appropriate for a family with teenaged kids. I had a few general comments about your characters. I would have liked to see what changes Artie had to make in the course of the story. He starts out as an absentee father, ne’er do well gambler and the opening photos imply also a lousy spouse,... read
  • A review of Panama
    by gagliano on 01/27/2008
    Read your piece, and I’ll venture a few comments. As a new site member, this is a fledgling review, so please take with a grain of salt and discard what is not relevant or helpful! First of all, banal as it may sound, run your piece through spell check and grammar check and even have a trusted pal proof for things that spell check may not catch. I noticed many typos. For... read

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