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Retired 40 years Federal law enforcement.A few months a "screenwriter". Successful at the first, running in knee deep mud on the second....


Retired 40 years Federal law enforcement.A few months a "screenwriter". Successful at the first, running in knee deep mud on the second.

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  • A review of The Walking Man
    by gclifton on 04/26/2011
    You've taken an unlikely fantasy scenario and honed it into a readable, interesting tale. Your descriptions, fears, and thoughts are vivid. In taking on a project like this and having to stretch a limited experience into six pages, the various pieces sometimes run a trifle long, but then the experiences ARE the story. Have you considered giving the speaker a little back... read
  • A review of Glimpse
    by gclifton on 04/25/2011
    Well, I've read it twice. The writer is very accomplished in word usage, catchy phrases, and metaphors. I guess I'll be embarrased to read I mis- interpeted this piece, but as I see it, Carter's problems stem from playing with sparking toys following lasik surgery. He is either hallucinating or has been cross circuited into some very heavy stuff and may well now have X-Ray... read
  • A review of HOURS END
    by gclifton on 04/25/2011
    Happyville is going to hell -- overrun by those hungry neighbors. Or maybe they're just greedy former taxpayers who've gone bust because politicianS spent all the money. And that slimeball Thomas. Offer the protag a pizza, then invade lkie Attila the Hungry and tear up the place. This is an interesting read, if for no other reason, the uncertainty of what the holy neb is going... read
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  • ryant04 on 04/26/2011

    Hey G.C.

    Thanks for the tips on Hours End. I could use all the help I can get. I am fairly

    new to writing and count on reviews like yours. Thanks again.
  • DebraSwan on 04/08/2011

    Thanks for your review of 'The After Life' - yes it was fictional.
    It was the first short story I had written in about 30 years, and my first posting here on the street. I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 04/07/2011

    Hi Gary,

    Your review of The Flower Woman has absolutely made my day. I haven't read any Elmore Leonard, but I'll be looking him up based on your recommendation. You're right that second "She would" isn't needed. Thanks again.

    Take care - Mike
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