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  • A review of Here's To Revenge
    by Gin_Gin_Jodie on 04/07/2008
    Here's To Revenge is a great title (I love the way it is fitted into the dialogue at the end of the script). The concept reminded me quite a lot of Saw. The script is very fast paced - I'm not sure whether it is quite long enough for a feature film. The way the story is set up is instantly enthralling. The mystery is set up imediately with Dick and continues to get more... read
  • A review of Leap of Faith
    by Gin_Gin_Jodie on 03/10/2008
    The idea behind 'Leap of Faith' is very appealing. The dialogue is good throughout, and the comedy doesn't get in the way of the serious subject matter (i.e. Billy's cancer). The opening of the film serves as a very good way to introduce Billy's character (the loan company, refusal to socialise at the pub). The scenes with the doctors could be improved; for instance, I doubt... read

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  • jwest on 02/23/2008

    Welcome to this cool site that I've found both helpful and fun. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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