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An aspiring filmmaker looking for critiques to better myself as a writer....


An aspiring filmmaker looking for critiques to better myself as a writer.

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  • A review of Nice Boy
    by godspeedpro on 10/12/2010
    I really like your writing style, you display the story just enough to know what's going on, time period, etc. What I got from this story was a man who did not like to be considered a boy but truly still was a boy at heart. Correct me if I'm wrong but this story takes place in the 50s or 60s? If not, for some reason I got that vibe. Your structure and simple and to the point... read
  • A review of Two Liars
    by godspeedpro on 08/20/2010
    First receiving this script, the sight of 152 pgs almost turned me off. Although unlike most users on trigger st., who would have immediately removed it because of that (I know from experience lol) I'm a writer who judges AFTER I read scripts in their entireties. All in all I liked the story, your dialogue is well written and believable for the setting. But the main problem... read
  • A review of Everyone Will Die
    by godspeedpro on 04/05/2010
    Okay tostart this review off, I wanted to say i really did enjoy this sp. Comedy is definately something hard to pull off, and what you have here is a very dark comedy. A few things wrong: You had mispellings of Derrick/Derek, and Ms.Graves/Ms.Allen in a coupleof places. And typos here and there, another read through will help you fix those. Concept: I Truly did enjoy... read
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  • YeahHi on 10/12/2010

    Thanks for your kind review of Nice Boy! I appreciate the read.

  • elijoel on 10/07/2010

    Hi Anthony

    You are most welcome. Just remember that once you have made your film, you are still going to need a distributor to pick it up if you actually want people to see it, and of course make money from it, etc! ...

    Unfortunately, about 95% of the people who fund their own indie movies never actually get a pick-up/distribution deal ... and this is usually because they've made the mistake of doing things "their way" instead of sticking to the tried and test paradigm that the marketplace both expects and looks for.

    I wish you luck.

  • Gammon on 10/07/2010

    Comment deleted by godspeedpro
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