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Husband, two kids, a house - nothing special. We added a dog and cat. Life is now complete....


Husband, two kids, a house - nothing special. We added a dog and cat. Life is now complete.

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  • A review of Cly (version 2)
    by grey on 02/28/2013
    It’s easy to see the influence of movies like “Kill Bill” on this screenplay. Scene after scene of graphic violence is a tough read for me, but I realize there is a market for it so stories with a hefty body count are a staple in the industry. There were a few grammar issues, some involving sentence structure. I had to re-read them to understand what they were saying, for... read
  • by grey on 12/28/2012
    Well, the lads and lasses of TS have done themselves proud. It’s clear all the participants know how to put a solid story together with engaging characters and present it in a concise, clear format. I will confine my comments to the stories themselves keeping in mind the “WOW” theme. Here’s a brief impression on each short S.P. At the end, I’ll list my top three in the “never... read
  • A review of I.M.
    by grey on 09/10/2012
    Sorry it took me so long to get to this review. I’m not a professional reader, so I can only offer my own feelings about the screenplay. I like what the story is trying to say about technology taking over our lives. I found this very relevant and topical. Where I had difficulty was in connecting with the characters. I never had a handle on the person Reed was inside.... read
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  • theauthor on 07/22/2013

    My story is here on Trigger. I tried to keep it dialogue forward to make it more adaptable to screenplay, although I have no illusions of grandeur. It is more of a summer project.
  • theauthor on 07/20/2013

    I loved your writing so much that I put you on my list. Perhaps you can take a look at my story, Waves of Despair. I want to work it into a screenplay so I can get it read more than a story will. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks.
  • bradthebloke on 02/28/2013

    many thanks on the Cly review. Others as well have stated to intorduce Salvador sooner and im doing that in next draft. thanks again
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