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  • A review of Stinking Cigar
    by grifter110 on 01/11/2005
    What avery nice subtle piece. In todays mtv world its good to see a slowly paced and well thought out film. There was no hurry to this film and no rush. Even at this pace the film held my attention. The story was very poetic and quite moving. I liked the sort of ambiguous ending; where is she going to go, where is she going to end up? The visuals were very well done and obviously... read
  • A review of Sleep of Reason, The
    by grifter110 on 12/22/2004
    Okay, no doubt about it, I really liked the visuals and the effects in this piece. I see from your notes that it was originally intended as an experiment to see if certain effects worked and let me tell you, they do. I have to say that I didnt get the story in this film at all. It shows that its an experiment made into a film. Perhaps the story was in the writing which i couldnt... read
  • A review of Untitled
    by grifter110 on 12/12/2004
    I'm afraid I just didn't get this one guys. The story just did not deliver. Yep, it all looks great but the writing wasn't up to it. How did the guy get into the story? Who was the helper? Was he writing the story? What was that twist at the end? Even at this length the questions weren't answered and I was left rather confused by it all. The idea of objects as words looked... read
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