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I'm a graphic designer who absolutely loves the film industry. I constantly have the desire to create, in any medium....


I'm a graphic designer who absolutely loves the film industry. I constantly have the desire to create, in any medium.

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  • A review of Trench Coat Blonde
    by holmes5387 on 03/06/2010
    Trench coat blonde is a well written fast past heist story that has a few elements that don't quite make the grade, particularly in its main characters. Hey there, me again. Assignments are handed out randomly, and it was just chance that I got another one of yours in my assignment box. The premise was very interesting, so I decided to go for it. Once again your formatting... read
  • A review of Freudian Sip
    by holmes5387 on 03/05/2010
    First things first, you've written a great screenplay. I will admit that very early on I was skeptical, particularly by your title and brief synopsis of the story. I was almost under the impression I'd be reading a comedy. But things get much better, very quickly. Your formatting is very good, and as far as I could tell from my limited experience there aren't really any major... read
  • by holmes5387 on 08/30/2009
    It isn't often I receive a piece of writing, particularly a screenplay that I can just barrel through in one sitting. It takes something special for me to be drawn in right from the get go, but something about this story felt very right. The setting is great, perfect even, and the time period is ideal. It's like watching through a window at a piece of world that's trying... read
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  • MSchmidt13 on 09/08/2010


    To clarify, I just really like "Blood Meridian" so far. I'm reading it right now. It's got great imagery and beautiful prose. I'd advise anyone who writes a western to check it out.

    I figured you might dig it. Along with "Preacher". I love that series.

    Anywho, good luck! Lemme know if I can assist you further.


  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 07/14/2010


    I haven't read the second draft yet, but based on the first and your comment:

    Magnetite stone gone = good idea.
    Changin Owbridge=bad idea.

    I like that Ashley's greed and eagerness to chase after the big bounty blinds him so readily against the outright cruelty that Owbridge exudes. It sets up and makes Ashey's fate palatable for the audience to a certain degree.

    I mean it's probably too late, but I'd strengthen Ashely's motive for going on the trip at the get go rather than changing Owbridge so that Ashley going on the trip is more understandable.

    Just me though.

    Good luck!

  • regpark on 07/09/2010

    Hey Holmes... (sorry that just sounded cool) As one who just figured out credits and all - I was wondering if you assigned your earned credits to your submission. I mean I liked your story and figured you deserve more reviews than 2 and since those reviews took away the credits that were assigned to the script, if you haven't manipulated your credits - your script isn't being assigned anymore.... If I am off base - that's cool, have been there before - but just thought maybe you wanted more feedback.


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