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We are currently working on our first feature film, to find out more please visit. www.the13thday.com...


We are currently working on our first feature film, to find out more please visit. www.the13thday.com

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  • A review of Tempo
    by Ian & Dominic on 07/04/2005
    The acting was wooden and amateurish. The interior lighting looked staged and artificial it seemed like no creative thought whatsoever had been given to the whole lighting set up in this film. The editing felt crude at times. There was one sequence of shots near the beginning of the film where we cut from the actor's profile talking on the phone to a tight close on his watch... read
  • A review of debt
    by Ian & Dominic on 05/26/2005
    This film failed to keep our interest throughout the 7 mins it runs for. The camera work and lighting seemed uninspired. The soundtrack was overblown and at times a little distracting. The story could have been an interesting one but felt like it needed more work, it was to slow moving and un-involving. Overall, it failed to excite us.
  • A review of Foot in the Door
    by Ian & Dominic on 05/21/2005
    To start off, the acting was ok, although it seemed the lead actor was at times, doing his best impersonation of Jim Carey, only with a London accent. The camera work and lighting were all pedestrian and simply served to frame and illuminate the scenes without any sense of drama or interest. There was just nothing about 'Foot in the Door', that made it stand out. It appears... read
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  • Ian & Dominic on 10/07/2007

    Hey Vincent,

    It’s good to hear from you, sorry about the delay in writing back, we’ve been stacked out working on our first feature, and are juggling with several roles at the same time… so we haven’t had any spare time at all for the last few months.

    We logged on tonight and looked for your new short, ‘The Hurling Stick’ but couldn’t find it. Have you taken it down?

    Here’s what we’ve been up to for the last couple of years…..


    Hope things are good with you.


    Ian & Dominic

  • moviecre8r on 09/17/2007

    would you like to view my new short film "The Hurling Stick"? i don't know if you guys even come on the site anymore, but i would love your feedback. hope all is well.

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