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I've started this writing thing late. My hat's off to anyone who tries. It aint easy....


I've started this writing thing late. My hat's off to anyone who tries. It aint easy.

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  • by jackcasey on 07/05/2013
    This script has good potential, with some of the better dialogue I've come across on Triggerstreet. Unfortunately, IMHO, it has one major problem, but it is so glaring that addressing is imperative to give this any chance of being made. To get to the point, Paul and Claire simply have no chemistry. They both seem to be settling whenever they're together and this leaves your... read
  • A review of FLOOD OF TEARS
    by jackcasey on 10/30/2011
    Outstanding. This was a great read. While the event is so current in our lives, its telling brings to mind, Titanic. I mean that in only the most positive ways. I often wondered how somebody could make a movie where everyone already knows the ending, yet keeps us hanging on to the last scene. You have done it and done it well which makes my job difficult. Your characters... read
  • A review of I am Alien
    by jackcasey on 02/15/2011
    Having the earth freeze over is a great premise and as an inhabitant it grabbed my attention right from the start. Longo and Kelly pursuing the bus and the ensuing crash got the story moving right away. Your pacing was excellent. Jumping to the ending simply because it was the only part that disappointed me I would have preferred civilization be saved by something other then... read
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  • MikeBMC on 06/28/2013

    Thanks for your review of Switchblade. I'm glad you dug it and I hope you laughed out loud a lot. Laughing out loud while reading a comedy is rare so I was hoping I could get the reader cracking up.

    This is basically my version of a slasher. I love the genre but its usually the same cookie cut crap over and over again. I wanted to blow that genre out of the water. I hope I did.

    The grammar mistakes will get fixed. Thanks for pointing them out. That aspect seems to be never ending. lol

    The use of the N word doesn't bother me. I find it kind of funny in movies because it's so taboo of a word. It gets people shuffling uncomfortably in their seat plus the characters of Clint and Andy are based on two guys I knew. My step dad and his buddy and back in the eighties. They used to talk trash about me for listening to rap and they threw the N word around a lot. Pretty despicable guys. I had fun giving it to them in Switchblade. Ha!

    All in all I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for all your input. I wish you the best. Mike

  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 06/27/2013

    Hey Bob - Many thanks for taking the time to read and review THE DEITY. Your feedback is very helpful for my next draft. My best wishes to you with your own writing. Will
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 06/26/2013

    Thanks for the review of INK, glad you liked it. And thanks for your notes, they helped more than you may have thought. Pushing this scrIpt around, hope to bring it to theaters or at the very least DVD soon. We're making horror smart again! All the best mate
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