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I'm James... I want to write movies... Help me out?...


I'm James... I want to write movies... Help me out?

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  • A review of The Two Karen's
    by JAMES M on 08/10/2009
    The Two Karen’s was a pretty good comedy script. I read this script in it’s entirety last night(I never read them straight through) so it def. kept my attention. I was laying in bed next to my fiancé and I was actually laughing out loud a few times. Most of the laughs came from Tony… He was a character. The fork scene was priceless. Now on to the bad…. I feel like you can... read
  • A review of A JOURNEY TO HEAVEN
    by JAMES M on 07/25/2009
    NIKAS, So far I am pretty into this script. I like the Character development mostly. I like the way that Alex and Leo interact. I must say that there has been quite a few typos, punctuation errors, and even heading mistakes. A few times you go from the past to the present and it is almost confusing to keep up with the time switch. Also I was a little thrown off on some parts... read
  • A review of Of Wolf and Man
    by JAMES M on 07/16/2009
    I just want to start by saying that I do my review as I read, about 15 to 20 pages at a time ill stop and write so that it is fresh in my head! Here we go! Of wolf and Man is a good read. I like the simplicity of it. I must admit that when I read mystery and suspense I was a little turned off because sometimes it can become a tad confusing, this however is simple and still... read
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  • NIKAS on 08/04/2009

    hey James I am sorry to hear that your review didn't count. but I think you can take the test again. Send them a message and they will give you the chance again.

    I will read your work and let you know what I think....

  • NIKAS on 07/26/2009

    Hi James thank you for reviewing my Work and liked it.
    Yes, the story is entirely true. The thing is that is kind of a collections of event all put together.
    The mistakes that you pointed out have been mentioned by others as well.

    Once more, thanks. NIKAS
  • jeff2680 on 07/20/2009

    Hey James,

    To answer your question: No, there is no real wolf in the story. What I failed to get across to you and many other readers is that Dave is hunting the mountain lion the entire time. The accounts for the glowing eyes, strange footprint and the take down of the moose.

    Your review helped me see that I have to tell the story better and for that I appreciate your time.


    P.S. I liked how you described Bud as an Assclown. Priceless. :)
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